It looks cool on the street. Now you can make it look cool on the wall. (Porsche 991.2 GT3 Clubsport not mandatory)

You are most likely here because you are a petrolhead. 
Maybe you love tweaking cars, maybe you take every opportunity you can find to travel to tracks, races and events around the World, or maybe you are fortunate enough to have a supercar as your daily drive - or maybe you´re simply crazy about cars for no other reason.
When a Porsche Carrera GT revving is just annoying noise to others - it´s a spine-tingling symphony in your ears. 
When the wife wants a new dining table, you´re thinking about the rims you could have gotten instead.
If you don´t already have a car parked in your living room, you wish you did.

And now you are thinking about having your car turned into a one-off piece of art using hard earned money you could have spent on sensible things like decorative pottery, quilts, shoes or yoga classes.

You´re absolutely nuts. And that´s awesome!
Now that we have established that you´ve probably inhaled too many gasoline fumes to be mentally stable, it seems to be the right time to get down to business.


Nothing less than immortalising your car by turning it into a unique, bespoke piece of art. 
Perhaps as an art print for your memorabilia collection in your garage. 
Or as a unconventional and eye-catching way of decorating your office walls.
Or perhaps your home would be more cozy with a wall-to-wall piece of a classic car.
Maybe a screensaver for your desktop or digital gallery?
What ever you´d like, I can most likely help you enable your addiction.

If you need some inspiration for how it can look and where to put it, check out my gallery here:


It´s very simple, really. All you have to do, is answer a few basic questions:

1) Which vehicle would you like an artwork of?
This might be a vehicle that you own, or simply one that you really like.

2) Where would you like to display it?
This could be your garage, office wall, man cave, showroom or your desktop - or possibly hundreds of other places, I haven´t thought of.

3) How big or small would you like it?

I can deliver in virtually any size. Prints has a maximum size of 100 cm on the shortest length, so if you´d like to go bigger, I suggest talking about creating a mural (wall painting) or banner print.

4) Which framing would you prefer?

I mostly deliver prints without framing simply because it´s not practical for shipping. Shipping a frame long distance will usually cost more than the frame itself. If it makes practical and financial sense to you, I will happily deliver your artwork framed.
If shipping a frame proves impractical, the best alternative is contacting a local framer.
I will happily assist you.

A house is not a home unless you have real art on the walls. You might end up sleeping on the sofa, but isn't that worth it?


Fine art prints are printed on high quality semigloss paper that makes the colors really stand out - or on mat canvas with soft, even colors. 
Frame, shipping and handling not included. Local taxes, customs, VAT etc will be added to the final price.


Since no two pieces of artwork are the same, the same is the case for the price.
Just like speccing a car, your investment depends very much on complexity, detail, size etc.
If you´d like to know how I can create a design that meets your needs and how much you´d invest in your specific project, contact me and let´s have a talk about your thoughts and needs. 
I can also help you come up with relatively rational explanations and excuses for you to pass on to your significant other.


"Can I purchase the artworks and posters in your portfolio?"
Yes, they are available for you to purchase. However, since I only have a very limited number of my designs available as prints, I can only offer the majority of them as print-to-order at this moment. I am working on a shop, where ordering will be easier and faster, so please stay tuned for this. In the meantime, you are very welcome to contact me about which poster/print you are interested in, and in which size. Sizes are typically 50x70 cm or 70x100 cm.

"Just how bespoke and close to my own car can you make my artwork?"
As close and detailed as you want it. 
Whether you prefer a more stylized, graphic interpretation of your car - or a more accurate 3D rendering, I´ll do my very best to get the relevant details as authentic as possible.

"Can you make me a poster or print in e.g. a classic motorsport poster style?"


"Do you need reference material of my particular car?"
If you have a particular car you´d like portrayed, providing me with reference photos will be helpful, but not always necessary.
Let´s discuss your particular wants and needs and I will tell you what material I will need, or not.

"I am very particular about what I want. Ok, I´m actually a perfectionist. Is that ok?"

Yes. Absolutely. 
We´ll talk about and agree on each step of the process, and I won´t move forward before you´re satisfied.

"Can you do my scooter, bike, boat or motorbike?"

"I like one of your existing designs, but the colors or details are wrong. Can you change them so it looks like my car?"
It depends. Many of my works are one-off, custom artworks and they will of course stay that way. 
If the particular piece in question is not a one-off, I will be happy to change the colors to suit your preferences. 
The price for the final design is the same as the other one-off designs.

"How are the artworks delivered?"
They are typically delivered rolled in a sturdy tube.

"Is shipping & handling included in the prices shown?"
All prices are excl. shipping & handling.

"How does payment work?"
50% up front. 50% upon completion of artwork and before shipping.

Any other questions?
Please don´t hesitate to ask.