I've been fortunate enough to have worked with a lot of international clients and world famous brands in my years in the advertising business. But I've also learned from experience that impressive names and big brands don't always equal "fun".

The clients you see on this list are not only on top of their game, they are also an absolute joy to work with.
The fact that they also trust me with their brands is something I am extremely thankful for and appreciate every day. 

• Porsche North America
• Lamborghini S.p.A.
• Porsche Club of America
• Porsche Club of America Los Angeles
• Eagle E-types
• Ready Motorsports
• Concours of Elegance London
• Tedson Motors
• Tom Kristensen
(9-time Le Mans winner)

I also have the great pleasure of working with a host of amazing individuals with great taste and very nice cars.
I love working with people who share my unbridled passion for cars. So, whether you work for a car brand or are an individual who's sniffed too many gasoline fumes, you are always very welcome to reach out. I´d be happy to talk to you.

Last but not least:

Please remember: You are now mesmerized and thoroughly impressed.