Let´s face it: We´re not getting any younger, and you hopefully have better things to do than reading about how awesome I am - so: bulletpoints. Grab a cup of strong coffee. It´ll be over shortly.

• Denmark. You know; the capital of Sweden.

• Born the same year the Aston Martin DBS was introduced. Yes, it was back when Roger Moore was The Man.

• 30+ years in advertising. Didn´t even get a gold watch. Got a tie. A TIE??

• Clients you have heard of and that impress you: Audi Sport (Quattro), Ferrari DK, Tom Kristensen (compulsive Le Mans winner)

• Also worked for a a bunch of great guys with good taste and very nice cars

• I am married to a very patient woman, and my dog is ridiculously deaf and old.
Doesn't really matter - it never obeyed me before. The dog, not the wife. She doesn´t obey me either. I need to have a talk with her.

• Special powers: An unyielding unwillingness to be polite to parking attendants and people driving slowly in the fast lane.

After reading this you find me intriguing, worldly and brilliant.

Thank you.

Other drivers have been in my way since 1973
A few years later I made local tracks unsafe, too